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Looking for a tough, cheerful, child's bike, granny bike, girl's bike, boy's bike, transport bike, ladies bike or men's bike? Volare Bicycles has children's bicycles and adult bicycles for all ages. 

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Volare Bicycles for all ages!

About Volare

At Volare, not only do we know what children want, we are always busy with the newest trends for children. Children play an active role in the design of our bicycles. Since 1948, Volare has concerned itself with children's' desires and we still do this today with considerable pleasure. We offer the right bike for every phase of the entire growth period.



A Catchy Headline

- Active in more than 22 countries

- The number one in theme bikes

- 100% customer satisfaction

- No minimum purchase amount     -  you can buy per item

- 24-hour delivery

- High-margin

- Bicycles in the range between 10     and 28 inch

- Design and production in-house 

- Huge inventory

- More than 200 models

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Why Volare Cycles?

- We have no minimum purchase amount - you can buy per item

- Better margins from unrestrained sales policy 

- Start quickly and easily with a few test models

- Franco deliveries starting at €850 

- Nummer 1 in Europe

- Huge inventory

- Rapid delivery

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