Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique 10 inch girls bicycle OUTLET

Assembly: 85% assembled
Inch: 10 inch
Licentie: Disney Minnie
EAN code: 8715347992568
Delivery time: 2-3 work days

Disney Minnie 10 inch girls bicycle. Speed along on this brightly coloured Minnie Mouse bike which comes complete with a removable parent handle. Ideal as a first bike for encoura... Read more



Disney Minnie 10 inch girls bicycle. Speed along on this brightly coloured Minnie Mouse bike which comes complete with a removable parent handle. Ideal as a first bike for encouraging and teaching your little one to ride a bike, it features removable stabilisers and parent handle to help your child until they are secure enough to ride on their own. 

From the beginning to practice

The bicycle is ideal as a starting cycle and can be adjusted as your child becomes a safer cyclist. Remove the support wheels. Adjust the height of the handlebars and saddle. And your child is again challenged on balance and motor skills.


Age group 2-4 years (height 86-98 cm)

Wheel size in inches 10

Steel frame

Brakes drive both back and forth braking system


Extra accessories included Support wheels with push rod


EN standard Approved according to EN 71


The children's bicycle for the child to learn to ride a bike.

The design is super fresh with colors and patterns.

The 10 "wheels fit perfectly with the very first bike, because it is easy to operate and control with the small wheels.

Supporting side wheels and push rod are included, so safety is at the top.

There is only a gear on the bike and it is a fixed hub so that it can travel both back and forth. It also means that the pedals are always running around - there is no freewheel.

There is a chain case around the chain and the crankset so that nothing can get stuck.

The bicycle is suitable for children with an entry length of 39-48 cm.


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Bruto weight (kg):
  • Disney Bike
  • Girls Bike
  • Kids Bike
  • 85% assembled
  • Girls
Inseam length:
39 - 48 cm
Frame height:
18 cm
10 inch
Chain cover:
3 - 4,5 year
No, EVA soft profile
Basket/Front carrier:
Disney Minnie
With adjust-/removeable pushbar:
Handlebar height:
Coaster brake:
Saddle height from ground:
39 cm
Seat height:
Adjustable in height
Training wheels:
Dress size:
86 - 98
Box dimension (lxwxh):
70,0 x 18,0 x 36,0 cm
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Size chart

Where should I look for when buying a children's bike?

When choosing a new children's bike is important that you choose the right size bike. The child must feel safe, therefore it is not wise to choose a bicycle on growth. If the child's is too big and feels the child the child will not learn pleasant. Rather too small than too large.

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