Volare makes drop shipping possible

Low-cost, high margin   -    No online worries    -    We take care of logistics


The advantages of drop shipping with Volare

Volare makes drop shipping possible for both starters and the more experienced entrepeneurs

Quickly online 

Start drop shipping today. Volare has clear dealer portal with all of the information needed to get started quickly.

Minimal costs

No cost for buying or renting storage space. Invest your money directly in marketing to grow your sales.

Low risk

You purchase products only after you've sold them. Inventory risk rests with your supplier.

No logistical procressing

No worries about shipments. After all, we take care of the logistical processing.

Extreem flexibel

Dropshipping kan overal ter wereld, zelfs vanuit huis. U bent niet gebonden aan een vast kantoor of locatie.

Direct link

Volare links directly to your web shop. Products and inventories are synchronised automatically.


Download our e-book

Download our free e-book

Drop Shipping for Beginners

Chock-full of tips for a succesful web shop

- Learn about what drop shipping is

- What are the pitfalls and how can you avoid them 

- And how to run a successful web shop

Unique for drop shippers: our dealer portal

Our dealer portal is drop shipping without worries

In our dealer portal, you'll find all the information you need to have your web shop function properly:

CSV files 

Inventory information 

Product images 

Product information

Interested in drop shipping without worry?

Request info at no obligation below. We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your wishes - and how Volare can meet these.

"I have three drop shipping websites. The cooperation with Volare is far and away the most carefree. Everything is taken care of perfectly: from website to logistics to payment." 

Richard  de Boer - www.kinderfietsenoutet.nl

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