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Welcome to the official website of Volare-bicycles. E & L Cycles is the specialist in children's bikes, safe and reliable. Our frames are designed for very specific age groups. By adjustment of the seat, handlebars and adjustable brake level, the bike can be changed to the growth of the child.


E & L Cycles has a large collection of children's bicycles, boys bikes, girls bikes, runningbikes, go-karts, scooters, childrenhelmets and tricycles. Besides the brands Volare, Yipeeh, Mulino, Kanzone and Corvino are also provided by E & L Cyles. The best quality at an affordable price! See our buy recommendation for the correct size of the child's bike.


E & L Cycles products are during the manufacturing process constantly under strict quality control. Our products are also certified by independent research institutes. See our beautiful wide range:

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