Boys' Bikes 18 inch

Age: 4 - 7 year
Dress size: 104 - 116


Volare 18 inch boys bikes are bikes with a modern and sturdy design, combined with a solid construction. Volare's boys bikes are childhood dreams on wheels.

18 inch children's Volare Bicycles are suitable for children aged 4 to 7 years with a dress size from 104 to 116.

You only find the right bike size for your child by trying the bike. Never buy a bike that is too large! At least one of your child's feet need to touch the ground: your child becomes anxoius when not with their feet on the ground. The assortment kidsbikes is large at Volare.

Volare bikes are tested by Intertek or SGS in an idependent laboratory, according to the highest European standards ISO4210. That is why Volare is the specialist in safe and bikes for youthful macho's and diva's. 

Take a look to our extensive collection 18 inch boys bikes! From the sportive Disney bikes to the cool cruiserbikes: at Volare you are at the right place!

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List price: 159,99