Every boy knows him: Batman, the tough meat mouse man. This strong superhero protects Gotham from all evil, but his greatest enemy is Joker. Fortunately, Batman is unbeatable, and thus has been a figurehead for many boys for years!

All bikes from the super cool Batman collection of Volare Kids Bikes are made of the best quality components. Volare's Batman Kids Bicycles are produced according to the strictest European quality requirements. That's why Volare is the specialist in safe and reliable children's bikes for all children. And for such child-friendly prices!

34,95 13,50
Out of stock
List price: 39,95
Batman Scooter - Children - Black
Code: 11027
List price: 39,95
This product will be shipped on 01-03-2022
List price: 116,50
This product will be shipped on 31-01-2022
List price: 285,00
Batman Bike Horn
Code: 841
List price: 9,95
Batman Bike Bell - Boys - Black
Code: 842
List price: 4,95
List price: 24,95
This product will be shipped on 27-12-2021
List price: 179,95
List price: 159,95
List price: 154,95

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