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Volare children's bikes for every child

Volare is one of the largest manufacturers of children's bicycles in the Netherlands. We supply children's bicycle at specialty stores, department stores and online shops in the Netherlands and Belgium, among others. A large proportion of young children therefore learn cycling on a Children's Volare bicycle. Volare also offers a wide range of children's bicycles and balance bikes. An assortment we proudly present to you through our site.

The key to a child's bicycle is safety. You want your child to learn safe cycling, for every beginning is difficult, especially the first few times by bike is an adventure for many children. That has also been the case for us! At Volare safety is already central to the production. The finish of the children's bikes, the materials used, the use of reflectors and good lighting on the bike.

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A new bike is for every child the beginning of a new adventure, they are overjoyed when they may tearing their new bike.

Their own bike, chosen in the color they like with cute stickers, as girls often opt for a pink bike and boys other flashy colors. Whether they opt for a bike of their heroes and delusions girls in the world of Elsa Frozen and tough guys dominate the race track just like Lightning McQueen from Cars. As a parent, it is wonderful to see how much fun your child politely to his or her new children's, but of course you as a parent also concerned with the safety of your child. Therefore, all of our bikes to the most stringent requirements and allow our children's resilient. We also offer a wide range of children's helmets so that the head of your child is well protected. Obviously these helmets fit perfectly with the chosen bicycle.


The largest collection of children's likes you at Volare Children's, with more than 250 models, we have a huge choice for large and small. 10-inch bikes for the smallest to 28 inches for young adults. Also Volare Children's leading brand licensing. We make trendy bikes for brands such as Disney, Loving, Marvel and Little Diva.

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Learning cycle begins with Volare

Kids love being outside and exercise is important for children. With the right children's bike, go-kart, scooter, tricycle or balance bike is actually automatic. Children go out and learn by trial and error itself bicycles. Of course, some help in the first laps necessary, but you will see that children learn quickly and before you know it you beyond cycling.

Tip to learn cycling loose

Ride your son or daughter on a bike with training wheels and you think he or she is ready for the next step, it is convenient to put the training wheels first higher i.p.v. pick though there completely. If you put the wheels in each case a higher level teaches the child unnoticed without training wheels for cycling.

A balance bike is the fastest way to learn cycling

Learning cycle is not easy, this is trial and error. It's a familiar face. Fathers and mothers running after a wobbly and swinging kid and hope they will not fall.

Did you know that a child learns much faster bikes when you start with a balance bike. By starting with a balance bike teaches the child as quickly find the balance that is necessary for learning cycle. Because the balance has been found, the transition to the "loose" cycling much easier.

Where should I look for when buying a children's bike?

When choosing a new children's bike is important that you choose the right size bike. The child must feel safe, therefore it is not wise to choose a bicycle on growth. If the child's is too big and feels the child the child will not learn pleasant. Rather too small than too large.

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