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Order and payment

by Edwin Boelsz

What payment options are available?

Payment transactions are handled quickly and securely by payment gateway Mollie. Volare accepts payments by credit card (Visa, Master and JCB), iDeal, DIRECTebanking and prepayment. For more information see https://www.volare-kinderfietsen.nl/klantenservice/betalingsmogelijkheden/


What is the status of my order?

You will receive a confirmation of your order containing the track & trace code. Using the link in the mail you can see exactly the status of your order.


Can I still change my order? 

It is only possible to change or cancel your order if you contact us before 15:00 on the day of ordering. 

Assembly and maintenance

by Edwin Boelsz

Is the bicycle delivered fully assembled?

Volare bicycles are either 85% or 95% assembled. With the 85% assembled bikes, the handlebars, front wheel, front mudguard, saddle and pedals still need to be assembled. Bicycles that are 95% finished require only the handlebars, pedals and possibly training wheels. All our bikes are marked with the method of assembly.


How do I assemble an 85% bike?

With an 85% finished bike, the handlebars, front wheel, front mudguard, saddle and pedals still need to be assembled. Follow the instructions below or watch the special Volare assembly video.


How do I assemble a 95% finished bike?

On a 95% finished bike, only the pedals and handlebars still need to be assembled. Please follow the instructions below or watch the special Volare assembly video.


Is 100% assembly possible?

You can have the bicycle assembled by a professional mechanic. The additional cost for this is €15.00. You will have to pick up the bicycle yourself at our pick-up address: Röntgenweg 2, 1131 PP Volendam. This can be done the next working day. The bike cannot be sent fully assembled.


What tools do I need to assemble a bicycle?

- Allen keys (3 to 8mm)

- Wrenches (size 8, 10, 13, 14 and/or 15 depending on the size of the bike)

- Screwdriver (Phillips and flat head)

- Pliers or scissors (to loosen the packaging material)


How do I adjust the bicycle saddle?

For the correct saddle height, the ball of your child's foot should just be able to touch the ground. Use the inseam measured from the ground as a guide (see also "Selecting a suitable bike"). Do not set the saddle too low, as this will make cycling more difficult.

The seat post can be unscrewed where it enters the frame. If this is a quick release, you can open this "flap" by hand, otherwise you have to use a socket or open-end wrench. Carefully slide the seat post up or down to the correct height. Then firmly secure the seat post and check the setting by sitting on the saddle. Never raise the saddle above the recommended height indicated by a line on the seat post; this may cause the saddle to loosen.


How do I adjust the height of the handlebars?

You can change the height of the handlebars by raising or lowering the stem. This can be done by loosening the bolt in the middle of the handlebar with the Allen key. It is possible that there is a cap over the bolt in the middle of the handlebar; this must be removed first. Then you can adjust the handlebars up or down. When tightening, also make sure that the handlebars are straight and flush with the front wheel.


How do I assemble the pedals?

A pedal has an L (left) or an R (right) on it which indicates which side it is for. The left pedal has a left-hand thread. Fastening is counterclockwise and loosening is clockwise. For the right pedal this is the other way around.

If necessary, apply a little grease to the thread before assembly. Always screw the threaded end of the pedals into the crank thread by hand, otherwise the thread may be damaged.


What maintenance does the bike need?

To enjoy your Volare bike as long as possible, it is important to maintain it properly. Therefore, regularly check the chain, tire pressure, brakes, saddle and handlebar height, and any lights. We also recommend annual maintenance by a Volare dealer to keep your bike in top condition!


How do I maintain the bike chain?

If the chain is very dirty, you can first polish the chain gently with a lint-free cloth to remove superficial dirt. Then the chain can be lubricated with oil. Drizzle chain oil on the spot where the chain tubes rotate in the rear wheel sprockets, while the chain is turning gently. Do not use too much oil, as it will attract dirt. A small amount of oil is often sufficient. Let the oil act for at least 30 minutes before using the bike again.

Delivery and returns

by Edwin Boelsz

When will my order be shipped?

Monday through Thursday: If you order before 9:00 p.m., the order will be shipped the same day.
Friday: If you order before 12:00, the order will be delivered by DHL on Monday.
Weekend: Order will be delivered by DHL on Tuesday.
National holidays: The order will be processed the next business day and delivered the following day.


What are the delivery charges?

When you add a bike to your shopping cart, you can have the shipping costs to your address calculated there. Due to the large variety in package sizes of different bikes and the fact that we ship to many different countries, we cannot give an indication of shipping costs in advance.


Who will deliver my order?

We ship your bikes within the Netherlands with DHL. [AB|K1] Outside the Netherlands we work with a variety of carriers. The best carrier is chosen based on availability in the destination country.


How do I track my order? 

After placing your order, you will immediately receive an order confirmation. You can track your order after it has been shipped; you will then receive a Track&Trace code from DHL with the estimated delivery time and status of your order.

Can I choose the time and day that my order is delivered?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Shipping takes place via DHL and it is not possible to enter a specific date or time.

Can I also pick up the order?

Yes, that can be entered when placing the order. The pickup address is: Röntgenweg 2, 1131 PP Volendam. Pick up is possible on the next business day between 08:00 and 17:00.

Can I return my order?

Items ordered through Volare may be returned within the specified period of 14 days. This is only allowed when the item is unused and in its original packaging. You must also clearly indicate (eg order number) from whom the shipment originated. As soon as we have received the article, it will be checked and refunded to your account as soon as possible.
When you do not want to / can not return the shipment yourself, there is a possibility that we have the shipment picked up by DHL (NL and BE). Return costs € 19,95. This amount will be deducted from your credit payment.


My order is not complete, what now?

If you are missing parts of your order, please contact our customer service. You can reach them at [email protected]

Choosing the right bike

by Edwin Boelsz

What is the right size children's bike?

When picking out a new children's bike, it is important that you choose the right size bike. The child must feel safe therefore it is not wise to choose a bike for growth. If the children's bike is too big and feels to the child, the child will not enjoy learning. Rather a little too small than too big.

Are you in doubt? If so, we recommend you take a look at our bike selection guide.


How do I measure my child's inseam?

Do you need help choosing the right bike size? The image shows you how to determine your child's inseam.


When does my child need training wheels?

On average, your child will be able to learn to ride a bike without training wheels from 5 years old, but this is certainly not a rule of thumb! Remove the training wheels from the bike when your child is ready. This means that your child is no longer anxious on the bike and can cycle with good balance. To practice balancing with the security of the training wheels, you can also adjust them a little higher; this will teach your child to balance and the bike will still be kept in balance by the training wheels should things go wrong.

Other questions

by Edwin Boelsz

Where can I find a dealer near me?

Visit https://www.volare-kinderfietsen.nl/dealers/ for an overview of all Volare dealers and easily find a dealer near you!


How long is the warranty on a bicycle?

Our bikes come with a 2-year warranty on the frame.
Are parts needed for your purchased bike? If so, please contact our customer service team. They can, if available, provide you with these parts at special rates.


Do you also perform repairs?

Unfortunately, having Volare perform repairs is not possible.


Do you have a physical store to view the bikes?

No, we only have a web shop. Therefore, viewing bikes in our showroom is unfortunately not possible. Instead, Volare maintains an extensive network of dealers where our bikes can be viewed and tried out. Check https://www.volare-kinderfietsen.nl/dealers/ for a dealer near you.


In what ways can I contact you?

For questions or comments, please contact our customer service via telephone number: +31 299 410000 or via [email protected]. (New) dealers can contact [email protected].

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