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What is the delivery time?

Monday till Thursday If you order before 21:00, the order will be delivered the next day by DHL.
Friday If you order before 12.00, the order will be delivered by DHL on Monday.
Weekend The order will be delivered by DHL on Tuesday.
National holidays The order will be treated the next business day and delivered one day afterwards.


Is Saturday delivery possible?
Yes, when you place your order, you have the option to choose for Saturday delivery. There are additional costs to Saturday delivery. Please note! Friday before 12:00 hours the order must be completed.

Can you select the time and day when your order will be delivered?
No, that's not possible. The transmission takes place via DHL and can not introduce a specific date or time.

You are not at home twice and find a note of DHL in your mailbox
You then have seven days to pick up the package at the designated DHL depot. We can no longer mediate here in order to deliver to you.

Can I pick up my order?
Yes, it can be entered when placing the order. Pickup Address: Röntgenweg 2, 1131 PP Volendam. Pick up day: the next business day.

Will the bike be delivered assembled?
Our bikes are assembled for 85%. This means that the steering wheel, front wheel, fender, saddle and pedals still have to be assembled.

100% assembly opportunity?
You can let the bike be assembled by a professional bike mechanic. Additional costs are € 15.00. You must pickup the bike yourself. Pickup Address: Röntgenweg 2, 1131 PP Volendam. Pick up day: the next business day.

May the bike be exchanged?
It is possible to revoke the contract within 14 days without giving any reason if the bicycle is purchased through the Volare Web site. This is only possible when the bike is in unused condition. It is important that the product is complete and as far as possible (is original packaging) in original condition. The costs for the return must be paid by the customer. We can arrange the return command, cost € 19.95 per bike. You will receive the total purchase price (incl. Shipping costs) within 15 days in return on your behalf.

Action plan EXCHANGE and RETURN
Would you like to return an item? We ask you to take the following steps so the return handling will be as smooth as possible.
We will ship the item (if in stock) or refund the full purchase price within 15 workdays, depending on your desire.
Cost return: € 19.95

What is the right size of a children's bike?


10 inch Age 3 - 4,5 year
Dress size 86 - 98
Inseam > 39 cm
Frame height ca. 18 cm
Length child > 90 cm
12 inch Age 3 - 4,5 year
Dress size 92 - 104
Inseam > 43,5 cm
Frame height ca. 21,5 cm
Length child > 95 cm
14 inch Age 3,5 - 5 year
Dress size 98 - 110
Inseam > 45,5 cm
Frame height ca. 23,5 cm
Length child > 100 cm
16 inch Age 4 - 6 year
Dress size 104 - 110
Inseam > 54 cm
Frame height ca. 25,4 cm
Length child > 105 cm
18 inch Age 4 - 7 year
Dress size 104 - 116
Inseam > 62 cm
Frame height ca. 28 cm
Length child > 110 cm
20 inch Age 6 - 8 year
Dress size 116 - 122
Inseam > 62 cm
Frame height ca. 31,75 cm
Length child > 115 cm
24 inch Age 8 - 10 year
Dress size 128 - 140
Inseam > 69 - 74cm
Frame height ca. 37 cm
Length child > 130 cm
26 inch Age 9 - 12 year
Dress size 128 - 140
Inseam > 80cm
Frame height ca. 43 cm
Length child > 145 cm


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